Monday, 20 October 2014

Bet Voyager

Bet Voyager is one of the best fully licensed internet casinos - with a massive €1,000 Free Welcome Bonus given to all new players.
With a host of amazing online and mobile casino games ranging from Blackjack to Baccarat, and Poker to Slots - Bet Voyager Casino provides some of the fairest casino games around.

The main reason Bet Voyager can genuinely to claim to have some of the fairest casino games around is because they offer a range of casino games with equal odds, so the house has no edge or advantage.  Take Bet Voyager No Zero Roulette for example; this is one of the world's only roulette tables without a 0.  By losing the zero, the casino house loses its edge.  This gives players truly equal and properly fair chance of winning.

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